Balloon Animals

Every kid loves balloons.

Let them choose their own fun inflatable party favor!

We have bright vibrant colors and multiple sizes to create just about anything you can think of.

A Few Things About Willy Creations Balloon Animals:

We Can Change With The Seasons

Holiday parties just got a little more fun! Throwing a spooky Halloween party? How about a little Thanksgiving entertainment for the kids?

We have Santa, reindeer, snowmen, pumpkins, broomsticks, skeletons, turkeys, hearts, roses, bunnies… the list goes on.

And if we’ve never done it before we can sure try!

“No imagination required!”

We have a funny little saying around here at Willy Creations, “No imagination required.”
What does that mean? When we finish our balloons, you’ll know what it is.

No funny looks or “what is that supposed to be?” questions.
Our dogs look like dogs. Our butterflies look like… well, butterflies!

Willy Creations Monkey in a TreeWilly Creations Sword
Unless requested, forget about the one balloon dog. Our animals are multiple balloon creations!

We Can Stick To A Theme

Got a boy who loves planes, or a girl who loves lady bugs? If you choose a certain theme for your party or event, let us know.

We’ve done Toy Story, Garden Bugs, Monkeys, Butterflies, Spider Man, and Princesses just to name a few.

For public events, we can even match company or school colors. We have over 25 different shades of colors and if we don’t have it, we can order it.

Unless it’s a very large event , there is no additional charge. However, we do need about a week’s notice if it happens to be a color we don’t carry.

We Use Only Professional, High Quality Balloons

Ever bought a balloon twisting kit and gave up because your balloons kept popping?
While it does take practice; odds are, it’s the balloons you’re using.

There are lots of brands of balloons out there, but there is one brand that is considered to be the best by professional balloon artists…