Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding reservations, or payment:

Do you require a deposit?

As of now, we DO NOT require any type of deposit unless you have booked and cancelled reservations with us in the past.

If that has happened, then a $50 deposit will be needed in order to hold you reservation and will be taken with a “click and pay” invoice sent to your email.

Please keep in mind that when you make a reservation, we have held that spot for you. We fill up very quickly, and we turn down many other reservations in order to make sure that we are available for your party or event.

When do we pay you and what type of payment do you accept?

Payment will be due the day of the event, and will be taken near the end of the event.
PLEASE make sure to have the payment ready for us because there have been many times where we are left searching for the person who is in charge of payment, and has resulted in us leaving quite later than the reservation end time.

We are currently only accepting cash. For corporate events, checks will be accepted.

How will I know if you got my reservation?

After you submit your reservation, it is sent to our inbox. Assuming there are no conflicts, I’ll add it to the calendar and you will be sent a reservation confirmation email with all the information and your total. You will also be notified if there are issues or questions about something.

Reservations and usually handled Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays but we are sometimes able to work on things throughout the week as well if it’s during a slower time of year.

How can I confirm my reservation?

Once you have received a confirmation email from us, you should be able to see your reservation on our online calendar. If you see your party/event listed with your name, we got you! We will be there.

If you do not see your reservation on our calendar or have any last minute changes or questions, best thing to do is text us at (480) 331-5424.

What areas do you travel to?

Our balloon animals and face painting travel all over the Phoenix Area and East Valley in order to meet our customers needs.

Farther areas have a higher travel fee (fees can be found on the Prices page) and a longer reservation may be required.

Is weather a factor?

Because of the latex and chemistry of the makeup, we can no longer be outside if the weather will be above 85F or below 45F. In extreme heat the latex in our balloon supply will begin to break down and become unusable and the face paint will take twice as long to apply.

And of course, you want your guests to be comfortable.

Can you stay longer if I didn’t book enough time?

This depends entirely on what other reservations we have that day. In some cases yes, but if we are fully booked, we will have to leave on time. We really don’t like leaving a party or event when children are upset because they were not able to get something, so please make sure you book enough time.

We REALLY appreciate your help with leaving on time by explaining that we have to go. Some guests can be very insistent that we stay and they may not realize that you are being charged by the hour.

Are you able to take more than one reservation at a time?

Right now for both balloons and face painting, we not able to take more than one reservation in any given time frame. We are currently looking to hire more employees to send out that would enable us to do so, but we are finding it difficult to find someone who can do the quality work we expect and allow us to keep our rates so low.

We take pride in the work we do and it’s been hard finding someone we trust enough send out on their own. We have heard the horror stories from many of our clients about people they’ve had in the past and we have the highest standards for who represents us.

Do I have to give you my email address?

Yes, but rest assured we would never sell or give out your email address, or any other personal information.
It is very important that you supply us with a current email address because that is a main form of communication to send invoices, confirmations, or to ask questions about your reservation. Most people work during business hours and may not be able to go over the details, so email allows you to get to it when you are able.

Do you accept tips?

For private parties or events, we will only accept gratuity form the host if they feel we have exceeded their expectations.
We will try not to accept tips from your guests, but we do say “try” because some guests can be very insistent and take it as insult if we do not accept. Otherwise we will just encourage them to give our praises to the host or hostess.

During a larger or public event, we will accept tips from the people that are happy with our services and will usually have out a tip jar to accept them as our hands tend to be very full.

What if I need to change the date or time of my reservation?

We charge a $20 fee for any reservation that needs to be moved for any amount of time if it requires us moving other reservations around.
Again, please keep in mind that we are turning down other reservations for that date/time in order to ensure that we will be there for your event. If you change you time from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, that means that we could have taken another reservation during that gap of time.

Of course there are the exceptions, such as if the reservation was made far in advance and there is still plenty of time for changes. We will not charge the fee if your reservation is more then 30 days out.

We build our entire day based upon the times and locations we are given. When one party gets changed, it effects the rest of our day and in some cases, it may effect other people’s reservations. It’s very important that you know the day and time that you need when you fill out the reservation form.

Do you come dressed up as clowns or costumed characters?

Short answer: Nope.

We have worked along side enough clowns and characters to realize, they are not always a hit of the party. While the birthday girl or boy may just love them to pieces, odds are, someone (young or old) at the party is going to be uncomfortable. Many parties have gone south because of a large character or overly joyous clown.

We try to arrive as casual as possible. Children are much more responsive to people dressed “normal” and they are able to see faces and make eye contact.

How far in advance can I book?

Generally we book out 2 months in advance, and as soon as we open up a month, if your date and time are set in stone you should book it ASAP.

A lot can change in 2 months. Dates get changed, locations, times… when you book farther out then that, experience tells us that something will likely be changing.

We are starting to fill up much quicker than in past years and people are often discouraged when they try to book us and we are no longer available which is why we encourage people to book quickly.

If you are a previous client and/or you have a large annual event we will take your reservation before we have opened that up to the public. Please contact us to let us know you will be submitting a reservation.

Questions regarding face painting:

Will I need to provide anything like tables or chairs?


It is great if you happen to have an extra table that we can use, but it’s not necessary.
We will provide a table and chair for us to use, and we usually also bring a black table cloth to cover it to keep things looking neat. You are also able to provide us with a tablecloth if you like, in order to keep things in line with your theme.

Will the face paint wash off?

We use only the highest quality face paints that are specifically designed to be used on the face. In fact, it’s not paint at all, It’s a type of makeup that is water soluble and washes off very easily.

Best way to remove the “paint” is to take a baby wipe or damp paper towel to remove most of it, but be a little gentle if glitter was used. Sometimes that may be all you need, or you might need to wash with a little soap and water.

*With some tints (reds and greens) you may notice a light staining of the skin which is perfectly normal and will fade away in a about a day. If you need it to be removed right away, makeup remover should take care of it instantly.

Do you paint on younger kids?

This depends on the type of party you’re hosting. If you are planning a party for a 1st birthday and the entertainment is for the older kids or family members, then yes, we can at least try to paint on the birthday boy or girl. Usually we can do something quick on the arm or leg.

If you mean however that you are planning a party for you child’s 2nd birthday and most of the kids will be around the age of 3 or younger, you may want to wait. They don’t quite understand the concept of face painting yet, and it can actually be a little scary.

Generally I would say 3-4 years old is a great age to start, but it varies according to your child. You know your child better then anyone, and if they are extremely shy or have a very short attention span, it might not be the best form of entertainment.

Where can we buy face paints?

If you are looking for a local store to drive to and pick up a few shades, it may be harder then you think.
There are many craft stores and party suppliers that will have beginners or children’s sets for a reasonable price, and they are great for the kids that are just looking for fun for a few hours. If you are planning to actually give it a try at your party or maybe as a hobby, it is well worth it to get yourself some quality makeup!

Your best bet is to just order them online. We use Silly Farm or (page will open in a new tab) for almost all of our body painting needs because they have a very wide selection and just about every accessory you could think of matched with reasonable prices. Each color will run between $7.50 – $17 depending on brand and and size but it will last you a very long time.

What if I get paint or glitter in my eye?

Our glitter is just like our “paints” and is made for face and body painting and specially designed to not cause damage to the eye if removed the proper way.
It is NOT craft glitter, which can scratch the cornea of the eye, so please don’t let those little girls play around and put craft glitter on the skin.

Honestly in most cases, the eye will water a bit and will flush it out naturally. If not though, just take a damp paper towel or baby wipe and remove some of the makeup around the eye and just flush with some warm water. Try not rub or scratch at the eye.

With the paint, sometimes if you sweat or your face gets wet, you may get a little paint in your eye. The paints are non-toxic and won’t cause any harm. You may notice a bit of a blur or colored “fuzzy-ness” for a minute, but keep blinking and it will go away. If you like, you can also rinse with some warm water after removing most of the design with a damped cloth or paper towel.

Questions regarding balloon animals or balloons:

How many balloons does each child get?

We will attempt to get each child at least one balloon, provided you have booked enough time.
If you only booked 90 minutes for 25+ people, odds are there will some guests we don’t get to.

In most cases, guests are able to get more than one as long as we have got to everyone. We will not start seconds until everyone has had at least one, which applies to face painting as well. For children’s parties, we will not make balloons (or paint faces) for adults until all the children are done first.

Do I (the customer) supply the balloons?

I’m surprised by how often I am asked this question, and the answer is NO.
Don’t worry about supplying anything because we will bring everything we need for the party.

Where can we buy the balloons?

If you are thinking of giving twisting a try, remember that balloons bought at your regular craft or party supply store may be labeled “twisting balloons”, but in most cases they will just lead to frustration.
Our balloons are specially made for entertainers and are bought through a special supplier. The brand most often used by people in the field is Qualatex. Sometimes they can be ordered online, or you can search for suppliers near you.

Click here to be taken to their website.

In general a bag of Qualatex balloons will cost you between $6 – $11 dollars and contain 1 color. There are however assorted bags that can be offered through some retailers.

Just for fun:

Who is Willy?

We get asked this quite often, and the answer is… there is no “Willy.”
Willy Creations is a family owned business and our last name is Williams. As you can imagine, Williams is a quite common last name and we have many other side projects that we do as well as run our balloon animal and face painting business… So we thought “Willy is close to silly, and creations could encompass just about all of our trades. And so, Willy Creations was born.

Do your hands and/or back hurt at the end of the day?

This is by far the most common question we get asked! And the answer is… sometimes. On average we do about 2 reservations in a day and we can usually take that pretty well.
There are also days where we have 4 reservations, which can include some larger public events where we have to paint or twist very quickly and on those days, you betcha!
We will need to go home and rest up for a bit to be ready for the next day.